Nursery Weekly News 18th May 2018

Our Monday morning we welcomed Alexa back to Nursery. It was great to see her.

We then worked hard on our ‘Busy Finger’ activities. Some of us tried to use our phonic knowledge to write the names of the animals who chased ‘The Big Pancake’, (Literacy and PD). We also used water colours to paint pancake pictures. We shared stories with Mrs Holdstock and used the Smart board to draw pancakes, (KW and Literacy).

In our adult–led activity we learnt our new sound ‘v’. We have learnt so many single sounds this year and our teachers are really proud of our progress.

Mrs Radgman read us this week’s traditional tale, ‘The Big Pancake’. Some of us thought that it was very like ‘The Gingerbread Man’. We are so looking forward to our trip to ‘Maria’s Pancake Shop’ tomorrow, where we can sample a pancake, just like the pig in the story.

Alexa shared her holiday ‘Magic Moments’ with us and Olivia also told us about some of her special news.

In our Music lesson we are continuing to learn our songs for the summer show. We are really good at the actions and words and you are all going to love it!

Hooray! Tuesday had arrived and our trip to ‘Maria’s Pancake Shop’.

We had a speedy ‘Busy Fingers’ balancing marbles on golf tees, completing mosaics with tiny beads and making Lego models, (PD and EAD).

We then got ready for our walk to ‘Maria’s’. When we got there Carlos welcomed us and showed us  the ingredients needed to make pancakes and waffles. The pancakes are made on great big circle cookers. Once they were cooked on one side, Carlos flipped them over and asked us what toppings we would like. We chose blueberries, strawberries, syrup, lemon, sugar and toffee! Not all on one pancake though! Carlos then folded the big circle pancakes over into triangle shapes. Next Carlos poured thick waffle mixture into the hot waffle moulds. We noticed they were rectangle shape. When they were cooked Carlos poured syrup on, added ice cream and we all had a taste. Yummy! We then sat down at the tables and waited for our pancakes and juice. We were very polite and said ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. We had a wonderful trip and learnt lots of new things, but the best bit was eating yummy, scrummy pancakes!

On Wednesday we had a visit from a lady called Alison who was going to spend the morning with us working on ‘The Big Pancake’ topic in the outside environment. We went to the new outdoor woodland area and sat together on tree stumps and Alison read us the story. We then acted out the story on the school field. Alison was the pancake and we all took on the roles of characters in the story. In the end Lottie gobbled up Alison, AKA the pancake! We then found a giant frying pan shape on the field, full of eggs, (stones). We pretended to make an enormous pancake and talked to one another about all the fun we had with Alison.


We continued with our pancake theme in the afternoon and made clay pancakes, which we decorated with toppings made from buttons and beads, (EAD and PD).

Thursday morning was French with Mrs Bishop and Stella. Mrs Bishop read us the story ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and we learnt to say this in French. We then played a game called squeak piggy squeak. One of us wore a blind fold and another of our friends spoke. We had to try to guess who was speaking by listening well.

Some girls were awarded their ‘Golden Wellie’ certificates today; well done Sophie, Olivia and Annie.

In the afternoon we shared more of our friends’ favourite tales and painted big pancakes, which we decorated with faces.


In Friday’s ‘Busy Fingers’ we used our strong fingers to sew binca with Mrs Holdstock, (PD), we decorated crowns with jewels and counted them, (Maths), and we coloured some lovely pictures with our friends, using our ‘frog on a log’ pencil grip.

As part of our topic work on ‘The Big Pancake’ we watched a pancake race on the smart board, (UW). We then went down to the field for our very own race. We tossed our pancakes, like the pig in the story, and then raced across the field. We had lots of races and began to feel quite hungry. Mrs Radgman said that she would make us pancakes for snack, so we all went inside for our pancake treat. We remembered the ingredients Carlos had used at ‘Maria’s Pancake Shop’ and helped Mrs Radgman mix the batter. They were so yummy, scrummy!

We finished our busy week by sharing Annabel’s favourite story ‘A Squash and a Squeeze’, in the library, while we cuddled our special toys.

Have a fabulous weekend and we look forward to next week’s topic work on ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’.