Nursery website news 11th May 2018

This week’s traditional tale is ‘The Enormous Turnip.’

Mrs Radgman read the story to us and we each took a role and acted out the story. Olive was the farmer and Olivia was the turnip. Gradually, each girl took on a role and joined in the story, trying to pull the enormous turnip out of the ground, (Literacy and EAD). We also learnt a 3D shape name, when we discovered that the turnip was a sphere, (Maths). We were fabulous actors and we took a bow at the end. Well done girls!

In ChIL we made some amazing tap-a-shape pictures. We are adding so much detail now, (PD and EAD). We also coloured some fabulous pictures of ‘The Enormous Turnip’ whilst trying so hard to use our frog on a log pencil grip.

We had an amazing outside ChIL in the sunshine. Brooke painted beautiful pictures, Lottie and Annie looked after some very poorly babies, Livvy, Annabel, Sophie and Olive played hide and seek, and Olivia scooted very fast around the outdoor classroom. Phew, we were busy.

We had a snack outside and then dashed to the field for playtime with our big girl friends.

Wednesday was our walk to Waitrose. We realised that all these words began with ‘w’ which is our sound of the week! We also learnt a new and very long word called ‘alliteration’.

Just before setting off to Waitrose we did some printing with different vegetables, (EAD), made shopping lists by cutting out pictures of the vegetables that we wanted to buy and added captions using our phonic knowledge, (Literacy), and also played games with Mrs Houten.

We then walked to Waitrose to buy vegetables for the soup. We found carrots, onions, potatoes, leeks and swede. Sadly, they had sold out of turnips! We weighed our vegetables and then went to the self-checkout to pay for them. We then walked back to school.

After a snack and rest we began to wash, peel and chop the vegetables, safely using knives, (PD and PSE). We mixed them with stock in an enormous pot and put them on to cook. The whole school smelt yummy with our lovely soup.

In the afternoon we drew all the characters from ‘The Enormous Turnip’ for our new wall display. We looked carefully at the shapes of the characters, drew them and then painted them, (Maths, PD and EAD).

We finished the session with the first of the books from home. Lottie brought in ‘The Mouse Story’. It was a lovely story, which we all enjoyed.

On Thursday we learnt our new sound ‘w’. It’s a tricky one to sound, but we tried really hard. We then played ‘Phonic Bingo’, matching sounds to bingo cards and shouting out ‘bingo’ when our sheet was full.

In the afternoon we played Kim’s game with Mrs Radgman and Violet using lots of different vegetables. We hadn’t seen fennel before, but we liked its frilly leaves and the smell, (UW and PSE). We have very good memories when we play this game. Much better then Mrs Radgman’s memory!

We ended the session with Brooke’s book, which was called ‘Whiffy Wilson’. We thought the story was really funny.

On Friday we all helped to paint the background for our new display. Some of us played games together, sharing and taking turns nicely. We also tried to do up buttons on school uniform. This will get us ready for changing for P.E when we are in Reception.

We planted turnips in the Outdoor Classroom and watered them so they will grow, (UW).

We ended another busy week with a story in the Library with our Form 1 friends.

Have lovely weekends and see you next week for lots of ‘pancake’ fun!