LAMDA Results

Introductory Solo Verse Speaking Stage One

Distinction – Bethany, Hannah, Isobel, Jessica, Imogen

Merit – Mia, Asha, Sofia


Introductory Solo Verse Speaking Stage Two

Distinction – Charlotte, Farrell, Margot, Zara, Evie, Clara, Constance, Imogen, Maddy, Holly, Freya

Merit – Isabella, Chloe, Isabelle


Speaking in Public Grade One

Distinction – Gabrielle, Freya, Darcey, Thea

Merit – Poppy, Amie


Reading for Performance Grade One

Distinction – Cassie, Sienna, Jennie

Merit – Bella, Sophie, Rosie, Katie


Speaking in Public Grade Two

Distinction – Rosie, Jessica, Katie, Frankie, Pippa, Jenny, Ella, Robyn


Special congratulations go to Hannah, Isobel, Jessica, Imogen and Ella who all achieved marks of 90% and higher. Bethany was given the outstanding mark of 98%.